Monday, July 31, 2023

Ernie Gets a Big Boy Bed

Ernie John has been been hard at work growing into a larger baby, and due to the stress associated with that he asked to be pampered a bit in the tub today.

A good reminder of the curious turn that my life has taken is the giant Soulard Oktoberfest plastic beer steins that we now use to give Ernie a bath.

Today was bittersweet because Ernie has officially outgrown his bassinet and this little afternoon nap would be the last time he will ever sleep in it. It's been nice because it's easy to check on him when he's so close to the bed, and it's easy to pick him up because you don't have to lean over too much.

I hope the poor little guy isn't too unhappy with his bed changing.

Ernie's new bed is in the same spot but it sits on the floor, so that his chubby little body doesn't tip it over. I like this look: "why the heck did you put me on the floor? What did I do wrong?"

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