Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Meaty Man

Ernie had some good snoozes on his momma today.

I went on a small culinary adventure today, trying 'nduja for the first time. It's like a soft, spreadable Italian sausage.

Nothing says "food safety" like a nearly expired, half price meat product from World Market.

I spread it on a green bell pepper and had a party in my mouth.

The last few days Baby Ern has been refusing to take a bottle. I think maybe he’s lost his sucking reflex so he might have to actually decide that he wants to suck. So he often just chews on the plastic nipple or gags on it. Tonight he finally ate a whole bottle so I guess I just have to train him back to liking bottles the hard way. We need him to do bottles for the flexibility and so that baby sitters can feed him. He also seems to have lost the reflex where he turns toward you when you brush his cheek, another feeding thing that was sometimes useful. He’s growing up and he’s only 2.5 months old!

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