Thursday, July 13, 2023


So my lil buddy is, compared to other babies, actually a quite large buddy. One of the challenges associated with that is he has a giant head that his poor neck has to hold up. As a result he's a bit behind the curve on neck control, which means when you lay him down his head sorta stays put. This is an issue because since babies' skulls are so soft, if you let them lay with their head in the same place they will develop flat areas on their head. I'm not a doctor but his pediatrician referred to this condition as "lumpy pumpkin" or "lumpkin" if you're into the whole brevity thing. If you don't correct this by a certain point they will make your baby wear one of those ridiculous helmets.

My mom always used to call me Lumpy as a kid and I asked her why: she immediately referenced 1988's Scrooged starring Bill Murray. I'll take it. Chewbacca's son from The Star Wars Holiday Special would have also been an acceptable answer.

I personally think those helmets make your baby look like they are some sort of a derp, and I would regard it as a personal failing of mine to let that happen. Ernie can only do so much tummy time before he gets cranky so one of the good tricks Lydia came up with was to have him hold onto a little exercise ball. This is less work for him but keeps his pumpkin off the ground. Win-win!

Ernie sucks his thumb in a funny way with all of his fingers extended. He can barely see anything.

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