Friday, July 28, 2023

Big Winner

I entered a contest at QFC, our local grocery store. It was sponsored by Celsius the energy drink, and the prize was an ebike.

I realize now that we were spoiled with beer contests in St. Louis. There aren't that many drawings here.

Well I entered the contest at the end of May and today I got an email that I won! It's a pretty good prize. Usually other people I send these contests to win the big stuff and I get the crap.

They initially said I was getting this fold up bike but changed their minds later.

Ernie had some good play time to keep his big ol head off the ground.

We got these wrist bands and socks that have rattles on them to entertain the big man.

Ernie insisted that we stop our sock rattling and mail in our election ballots. He is very civically conscious.

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