Saturday, July 08, 2023

All-Star Double Header

I had my eye on the really expensive All-Star week tickets, namely the All-Star game proper and the Home Run Derby. The prices never really seemed to move, though, so we settled for a double header: the All-Star Futures Game and the All-Star Celebrity Softball Game.

The walk to T-Mobile Park was exciting because there was a lot of All-Star hoopla and signage everywhere. This is the first All-Star event really of any sport that I've had any interaction with so it was all extra exciting.

Julio Rodriguez had some posters up that made it seem like he was some sort of religious figure.

We made what I would argue is a genius move: since it was a long double header situation we booked some all inclusive tickets so we could unlimitedly eat and drink. The real All-Stars were inside us all along.

We usually do our premium experiences in the Diamond Club but this time we mixed it up a little and got Press Club tickets. There isn't a huge ton of difference... Diamond is definitely better but I think the main thing is that your seats are right next to home plate. They also have a coffee station and a dessert bar that Press Club doesn't, but otherwise I think it was a similar experience. The service was similarly solid to the point that we got a guy we've had before downstairs who is really good.

"EVO Poached Pacific King Salmon Fillet
king salmon, charred scallion & black olive gremolata, inaba produce yellow corn sauce."

My server dude recommended this bourbon barrel aged red wine which I appreciated. This is a pretty fun part of all inclusive booze: I can really just explore the possibilities and get all the food groups. Wine before liquor before beer, you're in the clear.

I met a dude from Texas that said he just travels the country every year to wherever the All-Star games are going to be. Big spender.

The seafood had an ice sculpture. I did notice a big empty spot in the middle where one might even be so bold as to store some crab legs. I laid in wait like a wolf spider, eyeing the table for the next resupply.

A press crew with a photographer came in and were taking shots of my famous lunch.

I think they were guilted by the camera man into bringing out some more damn crab legs.

I politely waited until the photos were finished then I attacked like some sort of vicious undersea beast.

Ernie was impressed with my haul.

Lydia made the poor staff cut a chunk of their honey comb for her.

I'm amused that the fancy seating areas have their own gift shops. Like we're too fancy to mingle with the lower classes in the main souvenir areas.

After the Futures game was over they started setting up stuff and I assumed that this was for the celebrity game. I knew they would sort of make the field smaller so that the weak celebrities had a chance to hit home runs. But the stuff they were setting up seemed crazy close.

The stuff they set up turned out to be a stage for 24kGoldn to perform. I didn't recognize the name but I recognized the hits. Getting a random unexpected concert between games was an awesome surprise.

I kind of felt bad for the guy because they wouldn't let anyone out on the grass to watch him up close so he was kind of jumping around by himself out there. I really wanted to know how much he got paid to do three songs and then go home.

Ernie was looking extra cute with his chubby cheeks getting smooshed by his headphones.

It was now Celebrity Softball time now. They did the lineups and it was quite the motley crew. There were actual former Mariners players, olympic gold medalists in random sports, and an assortment of mildly famous people. I think the person I was most excited about was Joel McHale of Community fame. I did not realize until today that he is a local, and actually grew up on Mercer Island where Ernie likes to go for his Shakespeare. Adam Devine was in attendance who I am a fan of from Workaholics. And the guy from Youtube who makes the porch pirate glitter bombs Mark Rober was a fun additional as well.

You could definitely tell there were some people in the audience for the sole objective of seeing Jojo Siwa.

I was impressed by the air of heightened security in the city due to the games. All around the stadium you can see there were these temporary barriers to keep people from driving up onto the sidewalk. There was also a noticeable increase in police presence.

We had a lot of fun.

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