Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Bruce Lee's Favorite Restaurant

I found a free self guided walking tour of Pioneer Square that we did today. It did involve some light running from hobos but was enjoyable.

We learned some history of the above lands that dovetailed nicely with our experiences in the Seattle Underground.

Tai Tung Restaurant in the International District had quite a reputation as Bruce Lee's favorite eatery and Seattle's oldest Chinese restaurant in continuous operation. Things started off well with a giant mural of Lee and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the building's exterior.

It was opened in 1935.

As soon as we were seated we were given a pot of tea on the house. This small gesture gave me major nostalgia for a place called the Golden Dragon that I used to go to as a kid in Springfield that also would give you free tea. It's my first memory of drinking tea and I thought it was super cool and exotic. I realized that without me really noticing that Chinese-American actual sit down restaurants have sort of died out, and all that remains is take-out joints. I already like this place a lot and I haven't even tried the food.

The crab rangoon was exotic looking. They must be homemade.

Bruce has a regular table in the back of the restaurant, I guess because he didn't want anyone sitting behind him. Dramatic.

I guess depending on your definition of "soon" this fortune is for once not really true. We're grounded until his baby highness arrives.

Back at headquarters Lydia predicted baby Ernie's arrival date.

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