Wednesday, April 05, 2023

All the Immersions and Diversions

Tonight we went to WNDR Museum Seattle with our friends Shubra and Sumit.

The exhibits were a lot of interactive, immersive types of art installations. This light up floor mirror hallway thing was interesting.

With this thing you pressed different buttons and different parts of the display would light up and play music. There was also a table where a lady was handing out miracle berry tablets. I've tried miracle berries before in Japan back in the day. The berry blocks the sour and maybe bitter receptors in your mouth, but leaves the sweet receptors alone. So when you bite into a lemon for example it tastes like the most wonderful lemonade you've ever tasted because all that's left for you to sense is the sugar of the fruit. I thought that this was super fun and very unexpected.

When everything had been immersively experienced we popped into Itsumono to try some fun Japanese food. This wild thing was a:
"Seattle Dog Musubi

arabiki sausage, cream cheese, caramelized onion, sriracha"

This was a good example of the playful fusions this place offers.

"Chocolate Mochi A La Mode
chocolate mochi cake, burnt white chocolate, dark chocolate ganache, vanilla gelato"

"Loco Moco Scotch Egg

hamburger, egg, mac salad, rice"

"Wagyu Don
wagyu hanger steak, yoshinoya beef fat sauce, onions, rice"

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