Tuesday, April 30, 2019

City Lights Brewery

I popped into Milwaukee's City Lights Brewery after work with a couple of coworkers.

"City lights" is a reference to the fact that the brewery is located inside an old Milwaukee Gas Company building.

The cheese curds came with ranch but I asked for cheese sauce. Each time I dipped the cheese in the cheese I stood up and yelled "WISCONSIN!"

This was by far the most notable thing in the brewery. They had an old punch clock set up, and customers clock in and out like they're working at the old power plant. Whoever logs the most time at the bar each month wins a prize. Pretty cool promotion.

Good times were had.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Milwaukee Bidness

I spent a work week in Milwaukee for my first business trip in a pretty long time.

I could tell from the airport that Wisconsin scientists have been hard at work.

Poor guys don't realize this isn't St. Louis. Sad.

I got a little touristic dining done after work. The airport literature alerted me that Milwaukee is the unofficial frozen custard capital of the world, so I was forced to get involved.

Leon's Frozen Custard opened in 1942 and legend has it that it was the inspiration for the diner in Happy Days.

I was planning on getting actual food here as well but the menu was pretty scant. The only non ice cream food items were: hot dog, chili dog, and Spanish hamburger. You know I went with that exotic Spanish hamburger. It brought to mind my time sampling Iberian delights on a tapas bar crawl in Barcelona.

Turns out "Spanish hamburger" means friggin' sloppy Joe in Wisconsin language. Sad. It was pretty good though.

I was taking a break from a low carb diet so a few bites of this turtle sundae instantly gave me twin cases of restless leg syndrome. 

Monday, April 08, 2019

One Last Beer Pickup

Sure I'd already had my last day at Anheuser-Busch but I still had beer tickets left and it was beer pickup day. I had a big party coming up and I just needed one. last. score. I headed over early in the morning then drove to my new job and no one was the wiser.


Sunday, April 07, 2019

First Ride on the Loop Trolley

They've been working on the boondoggle Loop Trolley in University City for what may be 100 years. They tore the street up and made traffic in the area just suck, so when the damn thing was done we figured we should give it a whirl.

I was a little disappointed with the ticket design here. I was hoping for a nice souvenir with a picture of a trolley. This thing doesn't even say trolley on it. Sad.

The interior of the thing was nice and classic with a lot of wood everywhere.

The traffic signals were amusing.

I don't know if we planned on visiting the Missouri History Museum but that was the end of the line so we did. Trolley accomplished!

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Mississippi Flooding

We took a walk down to the Arch to check out where the Mississippi had swelled up over its banks.