Saturday, January 08, 2011

Charlie Chaplin in St. Louis

This Christmas, instead of buying my parents something that would most likely gather dust in a closet somewhere, I bought them tickets to a show in St. Louis. We all went to a showing of Charlie Chaplin's silent movie City Lights along with the St. Louis Symphony playing the music. The show was at Powell Hall.

The lobby was very nice. I think they even allowed patrons to bring food and drinks they bought here into the theater, which is rare.

The movie was so awesome. That was my first time seeing a silent film, let alone one from the great Charlie Chaplin. I'd like to see his other stuff now. Apparently Chaplin was one of the victims of McCarthyism. He had his visa revoked during a trip abroad, and decided he had been harassed enough and didn't want to return to the United States(cite). Very interesting.