Wednesday, December 20, 2006

First Travel Assignment

Today at work we had our monthly company meeting. I guess that normally I would have to stand up in front of most of the company and give an intro or something. This time though, Karmak just happened to be celebrating its 25th anniversary. So we all watched a slide show of old pictures and things that everyone seemed to enjoy. I knew only a few people in it, but it was nice to see some historical stuff. I also got my first job that involves some travel. It looks like I will be going to Atlanta on the 6th, which is a Saturday. One downside of my job is that sometimes the dealerships need the computer stuff done on weekends, the only time that they are closed and it is convenient for them to have their computers down. For me, that means that my trips will fall on weekends more often than not. We are supposed to be able to take other days off to make up for it, but I will be more confident about that once it happens.

I just got a Christmas present from my boss, a cake mix and a gift card. That was nice. I also got a nice pen from Karmak from the anniversary. I feel a bit guilty when I get these things because I get the same thing that everyone else does, and I haven't been here too long. But its not that big a deal I suppose.

I managed to take a little video clip while I was driving in the crazy downtown circle thing. Now that I know what the heck is traffic is doing it's not so bad. Its especially interesting when trucks try to maneuver their way around the thing.

Oh and here's a clip that I thought I should include. Its a preview of the scariest movie that I've ever seen. Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Don't feel bad about the Christmas bonus, dude. There's some one at my work who had only started like three weeks before the bonuses came around.
    The bonus was an extra two weeks pay and she still got it. Now that's killer.
    Christmas bonuses are the best, plus they are act one to the tax return finalle that you know is coming :)

  2. Jesus and I love you John