Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Atari

So I stopped by my favorite auction house on the way back from work yesterday. I figured that the fairly heavy rain might deter some people, and that maybe there would be more space to move around and maybe some better deals. I was wrong, the regulars at this place are pretty hardcore. Most of the people there will hang out for hours, regardless of whether or not theres anything around that they want. Its like TV for country people I guess. This time a couple friends stopped by to see their first auction. I think that they were entertained, probably as much by the crazy people there as by the cool stuff. I ended up getting a nice Atari 2600 with several games for cheap. I was pretty excited about it. I ended up getting it to run after messing with it a bit.

Today our department had a little Christmas party at one of the office lady's houses. It was nice to see everyone in a more casual setting. Ive only been at work for two weeks now, and I feel like I am fitting in pretty well and getting along with my coworkers. Which reminds me, the atmosphere at the office is a lot more casual than you might expect. Everyone pretty much wears jeans to work everyday, and I don't think Ive seen anyone wear a tie so far. I hear everyone wears shorts in the summer. Definitely my kind of place.

Ive talked to a couple of people about the Jesus Camp preview on my last entry, and they were all as afraid of it as I am. This clip is a compilation of some of the really crazy stuff a little girl says in the movie. One of my favorite parts of the whole movie is when this little girl prays over her bowling ball to make a strike. Compelling. Enjoy.

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