Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holiday Fun

Well now that all of the Christmas festivities are over, I can start thinking about new years stuff. I was off of work Monday and Tuesday for Christmas, which was nice. Then I worked two days, and now I'm off again Friday and then this Monday. So I will have worked two days out of ten, which is really awesome. Several of my friends are still in school of some sort and are on break, but I'm usually at work or too tired from work so I haven't been able to hang out with them much. Its kind of a bummer, and it makes me feel like I'm old. I got my first paycheck yesterday, which was exciting. Its funny because somewhere along the way during my toils over there I had forgotten that I was even going to get paid. I think that I am going to sit down and calculate all of my expenses and things just to see how much everything costs me.

Christmas was fun. I went to family gatherings both the day before and the day of Christmas. I ended up getting a Wii for Christmas, which is pretty cool. Its funny because the day after I got it and played the hell out of it I woke up and my arms were a little sore. It really can be a workout, which can't be a bad thing for the fat children of the world.

I think that I am gonna go to Chicago with the crew for New Years party stuff. I am looking forward to that and I imagine that an adventure or two will unfold. Until then, keep it real.

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