Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Couple of St. Louis Blues Games

I have a new interest in sports: hockey. I still don't watch it on TV, but I really like going to the games. I've been twice now.

The first match I went to was so awesome that I'll likely never be able to best it. On February 19 the St. Louis Blues played the Anaheim Ducks and stomped them thoroughly 9-3. With such a high scoring game, plus a couple of solid fights, I really enjoyed myself. My friend Seago had managed to get Club Seats, which include food and drinks, and that really topped off the awesome experience.

According to this I could have been enjoying my free stuff for a whole hour before the game started. I'll remember that next time.

The second game I attended was April 1st against the Calgary Flames. This time they lost 3-2, and food actually cost money. In spite of these setbacks there were some redeeming qualities to the game. The game happened to fall on April Fool's Day, and they played a joke on a couple of guys wearing Flames jerseys. They were told on camera that they had won amazing tickets, then when they showed up to claim them they we laughed at. There was also a pretty large pile up sort of fight that I enjoyed. Good times.

This game we were closer to the action and at a bit different angle than the previous game.