Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Smelly Beer at Home

Today to celebrate 4/20 we bought some very amusing and very skunky smelling Elysian Dank Dust India Pale Ale.

Our friends Zan and Sierra came over to our apartment and we played some games.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Tulips for Days

Today we visited the Tulip Festival at Roozengaarde in Mount Vernon, WA.

There was fudge.

The amount of tulips advertised was accurate. I think this was pretty much all of them.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Sleepless in Seattle

Today was a magical day full of cheap fun.

I scored us free registration at the Earth Day Run at Magnuson Park. 

I didn't win my first 5k but when I saw a guy giving away free Polar seltzers he gave me one of each flavor. Who's the winner now?

We headed to Pike Place Market for some fun commerce. I had seen the Athenian's cool neon sign a few times now so I figured now was the time to take action.

I don't think I realized until I happened to sit down on Tom Hanks' chair that this restaurant was the setting for a scene in Sleepless in Seattle.

I went for the 

"Athenian Seafood Bowl
A house favorite - mussels, prawns, clams, bay scallops, squid, salmon and cod on top of herb rice in a savory fish broth."

Lydia had the distinct honor of sitting in Rob Reiner's seat.

"The Athenian was first opened by the three Pappadakis brothers in 1909. Starting out as a bakery and luncheonette, it was the first restaurant in Seattle to be issued a liquor license where minors were permitted on the premises in 1933. The neon sign above our front door is the original, hung there over a century ago."

Lydia bought some flowers. I'm sure I paid for them. Lydia, much like the Queen, doesn't handle paper money. It's dirty and beneath her.

We'd only just visited Hale's for the first time a month ago, but the place sadly went out of business and now we were here to pick its bones at its garage sale.

There was a lot of interesting stuff for sale: lots of brewing equipment, advertising, swag, and even some actual beer. I bought some heavily discounted stuff that they didn't even have time to label.

I met a yeti later that night who was pretty impressed with my new Hale's Ales hat.

We worked the Seattle Scotch and Beer Fest last night and today we claimed our free passes to enjoy the good times.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Volunteer for the Beer

Today we spent most of the day with our friend Gabby and Derek.

We had some lunch at the Pacific Inn Pub. Their speciality seemed to be fish and chips so I went with that.

We then worked a shift at the Seattle Scotch and Beer Fest together.

Not only did we get a lot of fun beer related swag but the actual employee from the brewery we worked with gave us a 6 pack to take home. Can't beat that!