Sunday, May 27, 2018

Chicago Memorial Day Part Deux, Electric Boogaloo

While I was able to help the Chicago crew conquer their fear yesterday, I was less successful today. We had some fun times in the beginning of the day but as the night went on we... went to all the same places as yesterday. Sad!

Sus was mumbling something about public drinking ordinances but I could barely hear him over the sound of me chugging a tall boy outside of a convenience store.

I showed Sus how to pilfer free sunglasses from giveaway tents at a street festival.

He's got a lot of potential.

The next day we went home. It was sad but knowing that I made Chicago a little bit better gave me comfort.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial Day Wolfs

Longtime friends Brandon and Sus already had Memorial Day plans to hang out in Chicago. Luckily I heard about them before it was too late to invite myself and to make their plans not suck.

Brandon insisted that we stop at a gas station on the way up from St. Louis.

Said he wanted to stock up on Illinois souvenirs. True story folks.

As we neared Sus' apartment I had to consciously bury my long standing Chicago-hate for this trip. I realized that probably the majority of these people don't want to be here either. Maybe, just maybe, if I showed the citizens of Chicago how we party down south it would give them the courage to leave.

Sus has a pretty nice view.

We did a little howdy-doo, had a couple few predrinks, then hit the bars like a... Mississippi paddleboat.

We started off at tiki bar Lost Lake.

Drinks were a little pricey but I don't want to live in a world where I can't have a cocktail with a banana cut to look like a dolphin.

Brandon kept calling this "three guys one cup".

When it was time to go we couldn't leave our new banana-bodied friend behind.

He was real popular.

When it was my turn to hold him I ate him when I thought no one was looking. It's the way of the jungle.

I ordered a charcuterie board, partly because I like the sound of the word charcuterie. Most memorable was a very spicy little bear full of honey.

We were walking down the street when Brandon got sucked into an establishment that had sportsball playing on a large tv.

I think maybe the bartender didn't speak English because no matter how slowly I said "BUD. LIGHT." it never seemed to materialize. Sad. Sales at this establishment must be rock bottom when the staff can't understand a simple request for America's top selling beer.

We went all the places.

My favorite bar hand stamp.

I don't know.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Stuff You Should Know Live

Shortly after the good times we had listening to a live taping of one of my favorite podcasts, we went to the Pageant to listen to one of Lydia's: Stuff You Should Know. The stuff that I needed to know this week was about game shows.

Fun was had.