Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial Day Wolfs

Longtime friends Brandon and Sus already had Memorial Day plans to hang out in Chicago. Luckily I heard about them before it was too late to invite myself and to make their plans not suck.

Brandon insisted that we stop at a gas station on the way up from St. Louis.

Said he wanted to stock up on Illinois souvenirs. True story folks.

As we neared Sus' apartment I had to consciously bury my long standing Chicago-hate for this trip. I realized that probably the majority of these people don't want to be here either. Maybe, just maybe, if I showed the citizens of Chicago how we party down south it would give them the courage to leave.

Sus has a pretty nice view.

We did a little howdy-doo, had a couple few predrinks, then hit the bars like a... Mississippi paddleboat.

We started off at tiki bar Lost Lake.

Drinks were a little pricey but I don't want to live in a world where I can't have a cocktail with a banana cut to look like a dolphin.

Brandon kept calling this "three guys one cup".

When it was time to go we couldn't leave our new banana-bodied friend behind.

He was real popular.

When it was my turn to hold him I ate him when I thought no one was looking. It's the way of the jungle.

I ordered a charcuterie board, partly because I like the sound of the word charcuterie. Most memorable was a very spicy little bear full of honey.

We were walking down the street when Brandon got sucked into an establishment that had sportsball playing on a large tv.

I think maybe the bartender didn't speak English because no matter how slowly I said "BUD. LIGHT." it never seemed to materialize. Sad. Sales at this establishment must be rock bottom when the staff can't understand a simple request for America's top selling beer.

We went all the places.

My favorite bar hand stamp.

I don't know.


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