Friday, April 30, 2021

Big Sugar Takes a Hike

But the cat came back the very next day,
The cat came back, we thought he was a goner
But the cat came back; it just couldn't stay away.

We picked up this delicious strawberry milkshake beer in Rogers at New Province yesterday. This might be my first milkshake style beer, which was like a fruity sour beer with lactose to give it a sort of strawberry dreamsicle type taste. I approve.

We met up with our friend Mary from our Neosho days and hiked Big Sugar Creek State Park in McDonald County, Missouri. It had just rained a lot the day before so all of the little creek tributaries were really roaring.

Mary and her husband Dustin were our best friends in town. We had some adventures.

We hit Natural State Beer Company in Rogers, AR for some take home cold snacks.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Landfall on Holiday Island

We took advantage of our temporary proximity and visited Aunt Cathy and Uncle Ed in their Holiday Island, Arkansas retreat.

They are fun people, like to travel, have a good sense of humor and lots of good stories. They are the sort of retirees I aspire to be one of these days.

They had been to one of the Missouri parks on our list and warned about how scary it was to climb a particular fire tower there. I wonder if Lydia will have to climb that tower ever...

I was impressed when Uncle Ed whipped out this Semedorato Sicilian Lager. Never heard of such a thing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Pew Pew in Rogers

The random cat we are apparently now in charge of in Bella Vista, Arkansas, likes to creepily smash its face against the glass of our Airbnb dangerously close to where the door opens. And I don't want this alley cat up in my business. So I've started just throwing some food randomly on the deck, providing enough distraction for me to fully open the door to put food in its bowl. #1 cat whisperer right here.

There's a bird feeder and the cat likes to watch the birds eat and dream of murdering all of them.

We strolled through the lovely town of Rogers, AR for our afterwork entertainment this evening. They are home to the one and only Rogers Daisy Airgun Museum.

Lydia even with finger guns would very likely shoot her eye out.

I'm giving the Cuban themed Downtown Havana Tropical Grill some major style points for having a couple of classic cars sitting out front. I don't normally like to brag but I took a few classic car tours around Havana myself.

New Province had some funky fun beer flavored that we popped in and bought a few cans of for takeout.

The Friendly Deer of Crystal Bridges

We had a ton of fun working out of an Airbnb in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and this week we're back at it in Bella Vista, Arkansas. It's a heck of a lot cheaper to do it here, let me tell you.

Lydia pretty much gets silently guilted every day now by a hungry cat face while she's trying to work.

Nom nom nom nom nom

I'm going to town on those free vaccination Krispy Kremes now.

Today we returned to Bentonville and did a walk on the very nicely developed Crystal Bridges Art Trail. They're rolling with that Walton family Walmart money so quality can be expected.

The local deer were clearly used to people.

Caution: Deer Crossing


Bronze, stainless steel, and marble

Like an umbrella against a storm, Maman shelters this space, looming over us in a protective, yet mysterious way. "Maman" is the French word for "Mom". The image of the spider refers to the artist's mother, whom she has described as her closest friend. Though spiders can inspire fear for some people, Bourgeois thought of the spider as caring, helpful, and hard-working-the way she remembered her mother."

Who wouldn't want to explore more of the area with enticing names like "Blowing Springs" and "Slaughter Pen".

This car was covered in coins.

We just started The Americans as our "watch while eating dinner" show.

I have to watch shows with one eye and Lydia with the other because she will just secretly pass out while we're watching and not say anything. Low energy!