Sunday, April 18, 2021

Visiting Adolphus

We still had to take the Maserati Quattroporte from yesterday's birthday festivities back to Enterprise. 

There wasn't much excitement left but it was a good opportunity to take some more pictures.

I had a 100 mile allowance before they'd start charging me more, and I nailed it. It was actually pretty smart of them otherwise I would have driven that thing to Chicago and back in a day.

We strolled around Bellefontaine Cemetery. Surprisingly for a cemetery we've actually had some good adventures here. We worked at the Beer Barons Tour beer festival for example and had a real good time. It's really been a refuge for us as a not too crowded place to enjoy some nature during scary covid times.

Above is one of my favorite spots on the property, the Adolphus Busch Mausoleum. It has an engraving above the door which reads "veni, vidi, vici" which is about the most badass thing I've ever seen on a grave.

Lil Hank's crew is getting quite large.

There was a riot at the St. Louis Justice Center downtown. They broke windows and threw stuff out and set fires.

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