Thursday, April 01, 2021

Fringe Vaccine Benefits

Spending a lot of time doing the usual constant reading about death rates and vaccine minutiae. I wonder what these new magical mRNA vaccines may help us with in the future. If they could cure cancer that would be cool so that I can die the way I deserve: milkshake overdose.

Our apartment managers are doing their part by... putting up a poster a year into the pandemic about washing your hands. Great work.

Lydia breaking the internet.

I'm amused by the deals available to people with a vaccine card and I fully intend to abuse all of them to the greatest extent possible.

For today's trick we showed up at one of my favorite arcade bars and picked up a cup of free game tokens. I didn't want to actually use them as I still don't really trust indoor spaces, so we took the money and ran.

I'm rich!

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