Saturday, April 24, 2021

A Dash to the Border

We're both working from home due to the pandemic end of the world, and so we thought... why not do a little work from a different home for a while? 

Sports being canceled, and the angst it has caused among those who think sports is a personality, has been one of my favorite parts of the pandemic. I feel like ESPN was showing Korean baseball or something random just to give the addicts a sports hit.

We stopped in West Plains, Missouri for the night, near the Arkansas border.

Staying in a hotel was a big step for us on the path back to normalcy. We've been camping all over Missouri in order to avoid hotels, so this did cause me a manageable amount of anxiety. Reintegrating into normal life has been weird. The last hotel I stayed in was the Crowne Plaza Nairobi in March 2020.

Have not heard Missouri referred to as the cave state before.

One of my cherished pleasures from all of our driving around in rural MO is exploring the little downtowns. I keep saying when I'm rich I want to buy one of these grand old movie theatres and restore it.

The local Daily Quill had some fun artifacts in the window.

We were trying to figure out what this weird thing was. I'm leaning toward it being the box where you'd pay your parking tickets.

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