Saturday, February 29, 2020

My Very First STL Battlehawks XFL Game

We bought tickets to a St. Louis Battlehawks XFL game. There was a decent amount of hoopla outside the stadium before the game that we walked around and checked out. We got some pretty sweet crowns from the Crown Room at Ballpark Village. So crowny.

I feel like I must seem even more heroic having fun in the face of the world burning down.

Now that I have an Apple Watch I get all of the world's bad news delivered directly to my wrist.

Everybody knows that before you even see a new team play a game you have to stock up on merch if you ever hope to be a true fan.

I found a casino voucher. The rich get richer!

Ka Kaw is one of my favorite laws by far.

The game was fine. I'm not super sporty. I spent most of my time trying to get my picture up on the jumbotron.

And I succeeded. So there's that.

Zoe trying to start a crustless PB&J XFL tradition.

I had my touchdown shirt on so the other sports guys knew I liked the sports and we could bond.

In a low budget move they seemed to have started closing the bathrooms before the game was even over.

After the game we got some autographs. I will treasure this always, whatever-your-name-is.

We went to Molly's afterwards to break some hearts.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Another Day at PillarRx

The view through my office window at PillarRx in O'Fallon is nice because it's very scenic and natural.

This particular day it snowed just enough that the sun melted it all quickly enough that it was like watching the seasons move in fast-forward.

My boss was in town from Milwaukee so a few of us went to eat at Ethyl's Smokehouse & Saloon after work.

I was amused by challenging people to exercise competitions on my handy dandy new Apple Watch and dominating them.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station

Through some strange turn of events Lydia went to the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station without me but then bought me a season pass... long story short I have some underwater exploration to do in the coming year.

A new restaurant is opening next door called Pop's Kitchen. The location seems to be cursed with multiple places moving in and biting the dust. I hope this one makes it long enough for me to get involved in their fried deliciousness.

The aquarium plus the Ferris wheel are really giving Union Station another life. I'm glad to see the place thriving again after the whole mall concept came to an end.

Despite the fact that my season pass had already been paid for I had to wait in line with all of these yokels to claim it. Pretty lame.

I did some news reading while standing around.

The aquarium has some pretty cool effects happening.

There's a really cool "train" that travels through time and then goes underwater as well. There's a little vignette that is even narrated by famous St. Louisan John Goodman.

There was some 1904 World's Fair action to be had.

Lord Stanley the blue lobster.

It's a nice place but I think that my main criticism is that it's pretty light on fish and doesn't take long to experience. I don't know if maybe the place will grow over time but for now I think that it's pretty high priced for what you get.

We made the trip up to north city to check out a Jamaican place called Jerk Soul. They've already moved to Cherokee street as of this writing so some part of this experience is not to be repeated.

I wanted to try the oxtail but they were out. More than one customer came in while we were waiting and asked for the same and was similarly disappointed by the answer. So I must have been on the right track.

I went with the curry chicken and was not disappointed. I don't like to brag but I've had oxtail in Jamaica so it's whatever.

Hung out with Seago a little later and watched him suck at Witcher 3. Sad stuff.