Sunday, February 09, 2020

If I Die in Utah, Bury Me Face Down

Now that I'd had about five hours of total ski training, Lydia thought it would be a good idea to send me hurtling down the side of a mountain.

They had some charming names for the slopes. "You gonna die","zero liability", etc..

When I read that Utah's Wasatch Brewery offered a Polygamy Porter I immediately added it to my must-try Utah food list. Why have just one?

The others have skied before so we had split up, which was lucky for me because they weren't around to hear my screams. We met back up for lunch at a yurt. It was sad for us because after our recent China debacle we had to cancel a trip we'd booked to Mongolia that also stopped in Beijing. As a recap: I saw really cheap like $300 flights round trip to Beijing, booked two of them, bought a 10-year Chinese visa, barely made it out of China alive once, canceled the other trip, the end.

We were going to stay in a yurt and hang out with a Mongolian family! Sad.

We picked what were supposed to be easy slopes but they were not. I just braked the whole way down and was still going too fast. There were ledges that I could have flown over the side of on some turns that made things even more unpleasant. One time in particular I remember going so fast that I could hear the wind... like if you stuck your head out of a car window while it was moving. If I ever do this again it's going to need to be somewhere a whole lot easier. At one point I got so frustrated I took off my skiis and just walked the rest of the way down.

My legs were getting sore from clenching for days at a time by this point so we turned in our gear early and went back to the cabin. On the plus side that meant I could keep myself awake for some hot tub time! There were signs about "no alcohol" and even a woman watching the front desk... so we just rolled up our beers in our towels. Nice try, Utah!

We saw some remainders of the 2002 Winter Olympics that were held here. 

So in summary skiing is really expensive, kind of painful, and dangerous. Really a whole lot like Scuba diving when I think about it. Maybe a one for one arrangement can be Lydia's punishment for any further ski trips?

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