Sunday, February 16, 2020

Anniversary Party at the Sangamo

My Uncle Ed and Aunt Anne celebrated their 50th anniversary so we graced Springfield with our presence.

I was kind of excited because the venue was the Sangamo Club. I had heard the place was fancy and I had never been there before.

A weird thing happened. When I entered the club I realized that this place had sounded fancy to Springfield me. Present day me has had a busy decade. I had a $150 lunch in the Burj Khalifa. This was sort of an uncomfortable moment. I felt guilty for being underwhelmed, and I felt like my own maturation had lead to some loss of magic like realizing there's no Santa. I still had fun, don't get me wrong, and it was great to see the family.

Speaking of which my cousin Bridget's kid was in attendance. I want to say he said his name was Cutie McChubberson.

A decent portion of the night was spent seeing how long he would tolerate us holding him.

Baby bench-pressing meant I had less time to talk to my other family members. There are just so many of them I pretty much only have time to have a real conversation with any one of them about once every 20 years or so.

So there was food at the party so I'm not sure why the heck we ended up at friggin Steak 'n Shake. There was an open bar and I was pretty open about ordering from it so that could have had some bearing on my decision. I was pretty excited to see that they had realized they had all the ingredients on hand to make horseshoes all along. Quite an Illinois traditional discovery indeed.

I may have asked for some of those paper hats for us to wear. Yeah there was definitely some alcohol related decision making taking place here.

I may have also made friends with the guy in the drive up window. These are my people, what can I say?

Ladies, get you a dude who will steal you flowers from a family party and a paper hat.

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