Saturday, September 05, 2015

Nashville, Land of Bachelorettes and Moon Pies

Lydia and I, and her sister Zoe all drove down to Nashville to visit their family for the weekend.

I think the highlight of the weekend for me was a little hike down at South Cumberland State Park. We hiked down in our swimsuits and took a little swim next to Greeter Falls waterfall. The water was freezing cold but it was well worth it. It started to rain while we were in the water, and each little water drop splashed and created a little bubble, and soon the whole little pond was full of tiny little splashes and bubbles. It was memorable.

We spent the next night popping around the honky-tonks of downtown's Broadway. We had a group game of see who can spot the most bachelorette parties. There are always a ton of them out there.

One poor band made the mistake of letting some of these screeching randoms on stage. It was not pleasant. I like the band's gas can tip jar there though. 

I was trying to do as much Tennessee-ish stuff as possible. Lydia's dad did a shot of Fireball with us which I was pretty excited about. We killed a box of Chattanooga TN's MoonPies this weekend as well. What else do you want?

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Ticket Monsters

Everyone in St. Louis seems to be awash in free Cardinals tickets. They get them from work, school, friends... you can lick one and stick it to an envelope here instead of a stamp.

So when I come upon free tickets I do my best to share them with my buds, and they do the same, which translates into lots of free games. We live downtown within walking distance of Busch Stadium now which makes it even more fun and convenient.