Friday, February 21, 2020

A Cheap Night Out

We had a pretty craftily budget priced night head of us.

First I found this deal at Chipotle where you could get buy-one-get-one burritos if you wore a hockey jersey to the restaurant.

And just like that I was a hockey fan. I bought this jersey at Goodwill Outlet for like a quarter some time ago. Might be my best purchase there ever considering how much use I get out of it.

I won tickets via Do314 to Arguments & Grievances - Live Debate Comedy Show that was being held at Brennan's Work & Leisure. We had never been to this bar so that added to our level of interest.

There was a lot of Cuban stuff going on in their decor.

I got to try a Dogfish Head Sea Quench Ale which I had been wanting to try for a while.

The sour mixed with the saltiness brought gose to mind.

The show was mildly interesting. It had a debate-like format but it seemed kind of like open mic night for amateurs, which it very well could have been. It was a hoot for what it was, but I think that we left early when our drinks had run dry.

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