Saturday, April 17, 2021

My Birthdays Continue to Annually

We had my parents over for my birthday. It's been strange to re-acclimate to having other humans breathing air in our apartment. A lot of things that used to be normal parts of my life have suddenly become alien and anxiety inducing. It was certainly a more normal celebration than having my friends drive by my apartment while I yelled to them from the roof last year.

Brandon lost a bet that Trump would win the presidential election, and has been holding out on paying up because I think he actually believed that the election results would be overturned. Anyway he wrote me a long apology letter on Trump Castle Hotel and Casino letterhead. The humiliation of my friends is worth so much more to me than money.

Speaking of birthing I managed to catch Lil' Hank lay an egg. A rare occurrence indeed.

We're proud members of #ModernaGang

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