Saturday, November 15, 2014

Party in Pineville

Our hip local friends Dustin and Mary invited us out to an interesting little bar called The Tavern in the dink town of Pineville, Missouri which is pretty darn close to the Arkansas border. After meeting all kinds of new people (including a British-born horse riding trainer) we drove home on some pretty spooky little dirt roads.

Lydia and Dustin behind the bar like they own the place.

Mary and Lydia doing some karaoke. Several randos were up their mumbling their anonymous country songs so it really wasn't fair when I stepped up on stage to lay down karaoke martial law. Long time readers know that I'm a Japan-trained karaoke samurai, so this was no big deal. Our table was literally chanting my name wanting me to do another song. I'm not really even exaggerating. Killed it.

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