Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving With George The Pug

We drove to St. Louis for Thanksgiving, then Springfield, then Chicago to get interviewed by Homeland Security for our Global Entry/TSA PreCheck passes, then back again for four separate Thanksgivings in all. The only pictures I have of any of that are of Lydia's dog George, so.. let's just go with it.

Dogs can't see pink so George has no idea he's dressed like a little girl. Awkward.

This being Thanksgiving I got a lot of beg-staring from under the table while I was eating. I took the opportunity to play a round of "will he eat it?" Turns out he will eat raw acorn squash and raw celery. What a champ.

He was super well behaved after I showed him this picture of what happens to bad pugs on Thanksgiving.

Laptop screen=dog chin holder.

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