Monday, December 22, 2014

We Made It to Puerto Rico!

We arrived in San Juan at like 10:20 pm local time but it seems like we've already done a ton.

That first taxi ride from the airport in a new exotic location is always so awesome. I would say it is the nicest Latin place I've ever been in terms of looking nice and clean and quality infrastructure. There's lots of really nice Christmas lights around as well.

Our little guest house is in Old San Juan and overlooks Plaza de Col√≥n, "a pleasant square that dates back to the first Columbus expedition in 1493" according to BBC Travel.

The view from the balcony.

The elevator is super old school.

There are some really cool murals on the walls in our building.

The room is nice and has airconditioning and a mini fridge but does have a bit of a convent thing going on.

We went out searching for food which I thought would be easy because our phones work here since we are still in the Empire. It was not easy, and everything was closed.

Everything except Burger King. Yep. First Puerto Rican meal.

We did quite a bit of strolling around. It was like 1am on a Monday but there were lots of people out and there was a solid police presence. Very well lit and nice. We joked about moving here after Lydia saw they have a frozen yogurt place.

Well I'm typing this on my phone and my thumbs hurt. Until next time!


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