Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Puerto Rico Returns

Well the day of our merciful final Liat flight had arrived, and against all odds there were no weird incidents at the airport.

I thought this old school luggage scale was amusing.

Not exaggerating, I think we took ten propeller plane flights in a week.

We had one last day in Puerto Rico before returning to the bitter cold of the Midwest. It felt funny because we had started our journey in Puerto Rico and it felt like an exotic place. After surviving the ups and downs of the Caribbean though, Puerto Rico felt much less foreign and much more like home.

We'd already covered Old San Juan so we branched out a little and visited the Bacardi Distillery. We didn't have a very good experience there. It's weird because throughout this trip there were lots of unpleasant events but the good must have outweighed them because I still would say this was overall a good trip.

Bacardi was nice enough but they have some operational issues. First we probably waited an hour to get in. And while there was lots of information online about the tour being free, that little detail had recently changed and now the tour was $12.

A nice employee was pouring cups of punch for everyone standing in line in the sun.

We learned about the bat symbol. There were bats in one of the company's early buildings. The end. That'll be twelve dollars please.

We visited a fake bar where a bartender taught us how to whip up some rum drinks.

Then came time for us to receive our "one" "free" drink, which surprise, we had to wait a really long time to receive. Like so long that it definitely was not worth the time we had to wait. If you are ever in Puerto Rico, give the Bacardi Tour a miss and thank me for doing your suffering for you.

Remember how I was explaining how the Epiphany is more important than Christmas around these parts? Well here are kids getting their picture taken with the Three Wise Men at a shopping mall. Santa was present for photos before Christmas to be fair.

So you know how pretty much every last hotel we've stayed in was weird in its own special way? Well this time ol' Lydia booked a room at the Howard Johnson Centro Cardiovascular San Juan. It was in a hospital. We had to walk through the emergency room entrance to get in at night, and the rooms were clearly converted hospital rooms, complete with extra wide doors for wheeling hospital beds through. Shudder.

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