Friday, May 04, 2018

A Very Special Cuatro de Cinco with Bono

Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday this year so at the office we were forced to celebrate Cinco de Cuatro. There was a ton of Mexican food in the break room for lunch but for me that was all a distraction from the real reason for the season.

I knew there was a case of brand new Pine-Apple-Ritas in the freezer getting nice and cold for me.

The beer case also had ritas for days.

They were a hit with my neighbor.

After work we volunteered at St. Louis Microfest in Forest Park. I wanted to volunteer because the fest was raising money for a good cause. The unlimited free beer had nothing to do with it, I can assure you.

Each tasting area had a bucket where patrons could dump out unwanted beer or wash out their glass. We volunteered to carry the full buckets to the dumping area. You might think it strange that I didn't volunteer to be a beer pouring person. Well... 

A situation had developed. We came across a couple free tickets to the U2 show that night and so... we needed to sneak out of the fest a teensie bit early. So on one of our walks to the beer dumping area we just kept walking to our cars. We're naughty.

There was a massive screen smack in the middle of the Scottrade Center.

I was impressed with the level of city-specific visuals they went to the trouble of producing. This is a map of St. Louis.

Bono crushed it. He did not however sing my favorite U2 song which I'm pretty salty about. A Bono fun fact that I learned leading up to this show is the reason he's always wearing crazy sunglasses is that he suffers from glaucoma.

Things got a little weird towards the end.

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