Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Days of Work

So Ive been working at the new job at Karmak for a couple of days now and I am starting to get settled in and not get lost all the time. The introductory movies that I got to watch were a lot more interesting than what I had initially imagined. They talked a lot about the truck dealership business and the mentality of our customers. Honestly, I had never really thought much about trucks. All I knew was that they were really a pain to deal with on the highway. At the truck sales places, the trucks are all lined up as they are at a traditional car dealership, but the similarities in the experience mostly stop there. One major difference is that the average truck driverdoesn't care what the truck actually looks like, but is obsessive about the specs of the vehicle. Also in truck industry, the dealer keeps all of the rebates and incentives that themanufacturer offers, which I thought was interesting. Truck buying is fueled by business necessity, while the car industry is more about marketing to people with silly little offers and promotions.

Yesterday was the day that much of the special Christmas events happened at the office. There was a catered lunch with food and pies which was pretty good. Everyone also played a game where they got a present at their desk, and if theydidn't like it they could trade it with one on anyone else's desk. Needless to say, the trading got out of hand, but it was a good way to meet people that aren't in my little vicinity. Another thing that I did was sign up online for the rewards programs from like 20 different businesses. Airlines, hotels, and car rental places that I will be using during my upcoming travels all have little points and frequent flier miles that they will give me, and I get to keep them as my own. So that is definitely a nice little perk for all the traveling that I am going to be doing. I'm sure I will be sporting some goofy looking free tote bag in no time.

One nice thing about the good size drive commute is that it passes right by my favorite little auction house in Glenarm, IL called Adcock Auctions. And it just so happens that I pass by there right as they are having a bi-weekly auction, which is kinda nice. So I stopped by real quick after work and checked it out. The place is just about as country as possible. That usually means that my interests are opposite of everyone in the room, though, and I end up getting fun junk for cheap. My old school Super Nintendo playing is about to increase as a result. I ended up getting a box of ten cartridges for 5 bucks-they even threw in some extremely unwanted Michael Bolton tapes to sweeten the deal! I then drove the rest of the way home. Until next time.

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