Monday, April 29, 2019

Milwaukee Bidness

I spent a work week in Milwaukee for my first business trip in a pretty long time.

I could tell from the airport that Wisconsin scientists have been hard at work.

Poor guys don't realize this isn't St. Louis. Sad.

I got a little touristic dining done after work. The airport literature alerted me that Milwaukee is the unofficial frozen custard capital of the world, so I was forced to get involved.

Leon's Frozen Custard opened in 1942 and legend has it that it was the inspiration for the diner in Happy Days.

I was planning on getting actual food here as well but the menu was pretty scant. The only non ice cream food items were: hot dog, chili dog, and Spanish hamburger. You know I went with that exotic Spanish hamburger. It brought to mind my time sampling Iberian delights on a tapas bar crawl in Barcelona.

Turns out "Spanish hamburger" means friggin' sloppy Joe in Wisconsin language. Sad. It was pretty good though.

I was taking a break from a low carb diet so a few bites of this turtle sundae instantly gave me twin cases of restless leg syndrome. 

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