Saturday, April 08, 2023

Car Seat Safety and Green Hell

Today we went to a car seat instructional course in the parking lot at EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland.

It turns out that car seats are pretty complicated and there are about 8 different ways of installing one in a car. It was overwhelming at times.

Our carseat instructor lady told us a couple of times that we were going to have a large baby. That was a little bit strange and I'm not sure what that prediction was based on.

Some of the practice babies were having better childhoods than others.

I guess some European seat belts don't lock when you pull them, so there's an additional metal piece that you are supposed to use to secure the belt. Sitting down has never been so much work.

Once we had mastered the art of putting a child in a car we headed to the big city to watch some Major League Soccer.

The entire state of Washington is processing some major alcohol related trauma. It's going to be ok.

I was attending my very first US professional soccer match for a special occasion: St. Louis CITY SC was in town facing off against the Seattle Sounders FC! I like the pretension of calling Seattle's a "football club". We get it, you did a semester in Ireland. That's very cool.

It was fun seeing the quirky culture of the Sounders. I suppose it's possible that every soccer game does the same thing. I would not know.

I like "Welcome to Green Hell" because it's both threatening and environmentally responsible.

Ramadan break!

Lydia and I had a rare sports difference of opinion on this match. Usually we both support whatever team is from St. Louis if they are playing, and then whatever team is from Seattle if they are not. Pretty simple rule, no? Well in this instance there was a bit of a situation. You see, I'm a deal boy. I smell a deal, I pursue the deal, I obtain the deal. 

Kellogg's had a promotion where if you bought a few products then you would get a gift card that you could use at the MLS store. Well I figured out that Pringles was the cheapest product on the approved list, I waited until I found them on sale and then... I bought numerous cans of them. Enough cans to get a personalized authentic team jersey. Success was in reach. Well St. Louis' team is brand new and they didn't release the official jersey yet, so I had to wait. Well I waited and waited. Almost an entire year, until my points were about to expire. Still no jersey was available. So I had to make an executive decision to switch my allegiances and go with a Sounders jersey. St. Louis had their chance and they blew it.

There was some Din Tai Fung in attendance.

Betrayal brought to you by Pringles worked out in this instance because the Sounders were doing some damage today. Plus this situation gave me the added benefit of being able to talk trash to everyone back home.

A lot of butts were hurt and I earned a teardrop emoji or two from my former friends. It sucks to suck I guess.

This was Lydia's chance to paint her belly like a soccer ball, but she blew it.

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