Thursday, April 27, 2023

Caring for Ernesto

One of Ernie's quirks is he doesn't really seem to mind when he has a dirty diaper. He does, on the other hand, mind when you change his diaper. Part of it may be it's cold, and part of it may be he's out of his swaddle and the lack of that safe feeling makes him sad. At any rate we often tag team him when changing his diapers.


I sort of figured once I had a kid that I would never be able to play a video game again. It turns out I can still play and just have a sleepy little potato in my lap while I do it. No big deal.

Ernie getting some of his first tummy time.

At this point Ernie's play time involves a lot of staring at high contrast pictures.

We took him out for his first walk outside in his new stroller. We got this cool thing where his carseat attaches to the stroller.

I've never really needed to take the elevator in Kirkland Urban before. I guess I'm an elevator person now.

We couldn't give Ernie real baths yet because we weren't supposed to get this umbilical cord stump wet. We did give his crusty hair a little wet brush treatment, though. He's not really into pacifiers but he does like to suck on your finger for comfort on occasion.

At work I'm a contractor so I don't get any sort of parental leave benefits from my job. Luckily though I live in Washington and they have an awesome paid leave program. I get three months, of which I'm going to take three weeks off initially and then additional weeks off sporadically later on. Lydia has done some magic with leave, summer break, PTO, and who knows what else to create a beast of a maternity leave that will last like 7 months. What a lucky baby.

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