Friday, April 28, 2023

A Quick Jaunt to the Beach

We were starting to get into a new groove of a routine with our new roommate.

Maybe I should just quit my job and be Ernie's personal videographer.

We took Ernie on his first Target shopping trip. He was very impressed with the selection of merchandise.

A kickball teammate was having a birthday and I agreed to make a short appearance, which was an excellent excuse for us to try Crumbl Cookies. They were delicious, very large, and pretty expensive.

The event was at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle. It was nearly impossible to find a place to park. I was kind of impressed that I had never heard of a place that was so popular.

This friend group was so organized that they had their own swag. It was a nice opportunity to return to the world of adults for a short time.

I guess a recent rule change decreed that people aren't allowed to have campfires on the beach anymore. Well the people on the beach didn't seem to think that was a good rule at all. So a poor park employee in a four wheeler would drive out to the fires he spotted, and douse them with I think a big bucket of sand. Some of the fires miraculously had a way of... coming back to life. He would then dutifully go back out and kill them again while their creators stood by. There didn't seem to be any punishment other than that so I wonder how long this exchange continued.

An awesome moment was when seals in the water and dogs on the beach took turns barking at eachother.

I hurried back to my fam at home. I'm kind of a night owl by nature so I've been taking the night shift. I feed Ernie his bottles, rock him to sleep and generally just hang out and spend some quality bro time together while Lydia takes some very needed rest.

One of my favorite parts of my day is watching all the funny faces that Ernie makes while he's sleeping. It's kind of aggravating actually because while he's asleep he has a whole range of emotions, but while awake he doesn't really react much to me I would say. For one thing his vision isn't great yet so I'm not sure how well he can see me in the first place. I think I'm just eager to interact with him but I need to be patient while his little computer boots up.

Big yawn!

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