Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Tomo Arigato

We went to the hospital for what would be our final ultrasound.

The doctor said that these were pictures of a normal human baby and not a monkey picking its nose. I guess time will tell.

We celebrated the continued presence of our primate fetus with a trip to TOMO for dinner.

This was one of those set course situations which simplifies my life.

"Dungeness Crab, Haiga Rice, Grenobloise"

"Japanese Sweet Potato, Kimchi, Ennis Hazelnut, Soy Milk"

"Gigante Beans, Nettle, Tendon"

"Porchetta, Leeks, Raab"

"Braised Cabbage + Furikake"

"Buttermilk Rhubarb, Caramelized Cacao Nib, Tarragon"

We saw another table getting this odd flavored kakigori with lemon marmalade, fenugreek, and fennel. And I says to myself: "Lydia's growing a mammal of some sort and she deserves to have a few desserts today! I will of course also have a few bites."

And so it was done.

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