Friday, April 21, 2023

Cardinals in Seattle

I'm a casual baseball watcher and don't know all the minute rules. I talked to a fan at the park and they said the Cardinals only play in Seattle once every four years. Wikipedia says there's a new rule starting this year and they'll be here every two years. Either way, the Cardinals were in town and I felt that this special occasion called for the Mariners' inclusive Diamond Club seats.

We'd known the Cardinals were coming for months but I never thought we would be here because it was so close to Lydia's due date. In my head that was terrifying, especially imagining if her water broke while we were at the game or stuck in traffic or something, how horrible and scary that would be. Well the day came and we did it anyway. I don't know what to tell you.

The club area looks so much better since the remodel. I recall being sad that the decor featured just a lot of generic baseball players, as if the Mariners didn't really have any history of their own. This has been corrected and now the place looks amazing.

In a nod to St. Louis fine cuisine they had toasted ravioli on the menu. They weren't great but that fine culinary art is hard to replicate.

This creamery section was brand new. It took forever but they were making sundaes and milkshakes and other deliciousness.

Marionberry and hazelnut pie

Lydia found balance with a giant banana split but on the other hand had a very healthy slice of carrot cake.

I had a brewskie and a milkshake.

I believe I'm being heckled by a Mariners fan in this photo. We were a rarity in this area so several of the other patrons wanted to talk to us about St. Louis and the Cardinals. One guy said he visited and complimented St. Louis on being a great baseball town.

We had especially good seats this time. I was able to say howdy to the team pretty easily before finding my seat.

Haters were hating on my sunglasses choice but I thought it was kind of bright out there. Lydia is kind of squinty, isn't she?

Luckily Linda was watching the game on tv because I had no idea that I was visible. I thought Lydia's behavior was pretty good today but the network put a giant B on her face anyway.

Once I realized that all of my haters were probably watching I had to act very cool and natural for hours.

Here I am accepting one of the numerous concessions I ordered delivered to my seat.

Here I am toasting my haters.

I did several rounds of hater toasts today. I was drinking for three to get our money's worth out of these tickets.

I realized I could order non edible things as well. Had to get a couple pairs of sunglasses for the road.

J. P. Crawford on deck

Lydia was not super excited about her pretzel. I considered stopping the game to alert the staff that Lydia needed a new snack.

Julio Rodríguez

I would have preferred that the Cardinals won but I like both teams so I just hope everyone had fun.

We had a lot of fun and there were still games left in the series. We discussed coming again tomorrow. What could go wrong?

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