Monday, March 13, 2023

The Velvet Underground

Lydia's Dad and crew were in town visiting so we did some fun touristy stuff.

We did a Seattle underground tour in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. 

The deal was that after the Great Seattle Fire of June 6, 1889 the city took the opportunity to regrade the streets. Prior to this I think the sewers weren't steep enough and so wouldn't drain correctly. So they raised the street "ground level" up one floor. Initially the streets were high but the sidewalks were still open trenches that you could take ladders down to get to the businesses that were still operating below. This inevitably led to deaths of people falling into the ditches and dying. Eventually the sidewalks were covered and then a creepy sort of ghost town existed where all the storefronts used to be. This became like rat heaven and so in 1907 the city condemned the Underground for fear of bubonic plague.

Even today there are a ton of these glass sidewalk gratings that were designed to let in light for what I assume is a subterranean race of humanoids that evolved to live down here with the rats.

All of the public sanitation talk on the tour led there to be a fancy Thomas Crapper & Co of London toilet in the visitor's center.

We then moved down to do some Pike Place Market perusing. We made our first appearance at the Crumpet Shop and snagged a crumpet.

The Seattle Art Museum was so expensive that it made sense to just go ahead and buy an annual membership. The high quality free museums is one thing that we sorely miss from St. Louis.

I need a kimono with friggin skeletons on it to wear when I go to sushi restaurants.

We apparently have collected about 40 children worth of pacifiers with the ardent hope that his baby highness will find one of them suitable for his slobbery mouth.

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