Sunday, March 05, 2023

The Salty Denizens of Salem

We continued our McMenamins passport quest to apparently go to every single last friggin bar and grill in Oregon.

I believe we were planning on going to Boon's Treasury in Salem, OR initially but there was some sort of kerfuffle. I think maybe their hours stated that they should be open, but we tried to go in and they said to come back later because they were understaffed. I want to say I asked for a stamp at that point and they said no. So at this point I was mad at them. We did come back later for the stamp but we did not buy anything from them.

Well since we were already in Salem we killed the necessary time by checking out the state capitol building's exterior grounds.

They have one of those budget-looking capitol buildings that doesn't have a dome. Sad.

They apparently had a respectable-looking capitol that burned down in 1935.

They do have a giant golden hatchet man which recovers some of the lost points.

McMenamins Thompson Brewery & Public House was also in Salem and the workers there weren't jerks so things went smoothly. It's been interesting ordering the same southwest salad over and over at the same restaurant chain and seeing the still pretty considerable variation in quality. Salad I think is hard because you need such fresh ingredients.

We hit McMenamins Lighthouse Brewpub in Lincoln City, OR and ate my passport-earned free "Cannonball O' Chowder: our freshly made clam chowder in a toasty sourdough bread bowl".

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