Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Feed the Troll

We got our first taste of Musang with Seago outside on the Seahawks' turf. Now we were here for the real deal. Eater:

"Since opening in early 2020, Beacon Hill’s innovative Filipino restaurant from star chef Melissa Miranda has developed a dynamic menu with items such as succulent short rib kare kare, smoked oysters, and mussels cooked with moringa. The homey space makes diners feel like they’re eating in a beloved family member’s living room, albeit one with killer cocktails, world-class food, and reservations that fill up quickly. Musang also gives back with charitable endeavors like a community kitchen and youth program Little Wildcats, which provides education about Filipino recipes and culture."

This is the food I moved to Seattle for: high quality and awesome Asian cuisine.

Lumpiang Shanghai

pork/ shrimp/ water chestnuts/ carrots
house spiced sawsawan

Totsong Talong at okra
tempura fried eggplant and okra/ guisado fermented tofu and black bean sauce
scallions/ chili threads

Short Rib kare kare
braised short rib/ eggplant/ okra
haricot verts/ fried garlic/ annatto oil
peanut butter bagoong sauce

It's been fun seeing Lydia's reactions to the different stages of pregnancy.

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