Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mariners Opening Day

We always had such a good time at St. Louis Cardinals opening day that we thought we should give the Mariners' a whirl to be good and definitely legitimate Seattleites.

I had an important choice to make in my closet. Be "that guy" spoiler with some random team jersey on or root root root for the home team?

Lydia had her pregnant Seattle fan uniform on.

Just like in St. Louis, Opening Day here in Seattle was an opportunity for local greats to make appearances to the adoring public. Ken Griffey Jr. luckily was one such appearance.

He and a pack of other Seattle legends threw the first pitches. I don't think I've seen any of these guys in real life before so this was very cool.

Gary Payton and Marshawn Lynch threw a throw as well. Ichiro made a separate appearance later on as well. I think that is officially every Seattle sports figure I've ever heard of.

We're excited about the Cardinals coming to town but it's also in the baby danger zone so we're not sure if we're going to try to attend or not.

I chose conformity and wore my Mariners uniform. Our friends Michael and Miriam were in attendance with us.

I can't get enough of the palm scanning, pick up my own beer and leave magic.

Aside from the winner and loser of today's game, we're all winners today.

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