Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Karaoke Master Returns

I managed to make a couple of friends from my kickball team who like to do things other than play kickball.

We had some apps at Life on Mars. This was like a normal food 6 but a vegan food 15 on a ten point scale. I think always referring to vegan food as Martian cuisine would help prepare me for the weird textures and tastes that I'm about to endure.

We did some karaoke at Rock Box. Girls really like singing these violent country songs, I've noticed. 

We closed the place down, which I was pretty proud of. It's not that hard to out party Seattle, though. The place is essentially a retirement home for young tech professionals.

Seattle dogs, off the leash. I believe this was the time that Vik's car was in a parking garage that closed for the night, and he was freaking out about it. He called the company which I believe then sends a tow truck or something to key him in... I got very lucky by parking someplace else and this did not end up being my problem.

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