Saturday, March 04, 2023

The McMenamins Trail

We've got McMenamins passports to fill with stamps and a baby on the way. We've got to hurry!

Our first move was the Hotel Oregon in the apparently unrelated McMinnville, Oregon.

This place had particularly cool artwork inside, even among the very high bar that McMenamins has set.

They went all out with the walnut motif.

Look at all those beautiful stamps. I briefly considered breaking in here tonight, not to steal anything, but just for the glorious passport stamping opportunities.

I don't think we even bought anything at McMenamins High Street Brewery & Cafe. They are pretty nice and understanding of passport junkies throughout the McMenamins empire, I will say.

The McMenamins East 19th Street CafĂ© in Eugene, OR.

We completed a passport page at the McMenamins Roseburg Station Pub & Brewery and walked away with some cool railroad themed tshirts. About half of my clothing is free tshirts at this point.

Lydia somehow convinced me that I needed to buy the largest box of chocolates west of the Mississippi. She's a real trickster, that one.

A lot of the cool kids were at McMenamins on Monroe in Corvallis, OR, which is also home to Oregon State University.

McMenamins has a knack for creative plumbing. It's worth having a few beers just for the trip to the bathroom.

Sometimes I wish I was back in my college days, so I could do things like star in a school play version of The Oregon Trail. "Jane’s trapped in her middle school computer lab playing “The Oregon Trail” for what feels like hours. The game becomes life and rips us back to the trail, 1848, where we travel in a covered wagon with Jane’s great-great-grandmother."

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