Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Communion Round Two

We rarely go to the same upscale restaurant twice these days, as we're fairly new to town still and have a lot of restaurants out there to explore. So it's really high praise from us that we returned to Communion a month after our first visit.

Eater Seattle:

"Chef Kristi Brown — who made her name running the catering operation That Brown Girl Cooks — calls the food at her Central District restaurant “Seattle Soul.” At Communion, fusions like the Hood Sushi Bowl featuring fried catfish and seaweed salad come from Brown’s memories of shopping at Asian markets in the neighboring Chinatown-International District. But the dishes that shine brightest are her more traditional Southern ones, like a pork neck bone stew, with smoky meat simmered in umami-packed broth with lima beans. It’s hard to get a seat at this Eater Award-winner in the renovated Liberty Bank Building. Make reservations weeks ahead, or show up right when the restaurant opens on a weekday to vie for a spot."

I did a little more research, though, and uncovered the real reason behind Lydia's love of this place. "Her creations combine her food experiences from a childhood in Kansas City, Missouri, to her teenage years in Seattle's Central District." Lydia was being called to this place by her Missouri blood!

While waiting for our food I read some local event newspapers. The blurb on Seattle Rep.'s Lydia and the Troll was hilariously similar to the story of the real Lydia and her internal Troll stowaway. We are definitely going to need to see this show.

A fun thing about Communion is that the menu is always changing. We were just here a few weeks ago and the menu was unrecognizable.

Slow burn hummus and injera
Slow burn - hummus, earthy, spiced and creamy black eyed pea hummus served with local injera

Sauteed mussels
Sauteed Totten Inlet (Puget Sound) mussels & a spicy Laotian sausage & sauteed, creamy coconut sauce, shallots, and garlic.

It's strange we had to travel so far away to have the best Missouri food but I'm happy with my choices.

Vegetarian hella filthy rice
dirty rice Seattle style and vegan

Add-on: deep fried cornmeal crusted catfish

Lydia finally got the banana pudding that she was denied on our last visit.

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