Saturday, March 18, 2023

Top of the Golf and the Ear of an Elephant

We checked out the local Top Golf in Renton, WA with Kuoling and Jason.

Jason actually seemed to know how to play golf, even bringing his own clubs like a fancy man.

Lydia did not let her Troll on board hamper her play. She did take the occasional practice swing though.

There was an Angry Birds game that was fun.

These days making reservations for restaurants online is generally an afterthought. This time, though, I wanted to make a reservation for the four of us at Antigua Guatemala Restaurant and they didn't have any sort of reservation system. So rather than call and tall to a human on the phone (yuck) I had Google Assistant call them and make the reservation. I thought that was pretty cool.

According to the Eater list, the atrociously named Antigua Guatemala Restaurant in Kent, WA is the Seattle area's only full service Guatemalan restaurant. So I guess it must be the best. 

I don't know if I've ever had a michelada before. It's pretty much a margarita with beer instead of tequila. While this is alcoholically inferior I do enjoy the pageantry of having a giant beer bottle sticking out of my drink. I just about walked out the door when I requested my beer be a Guatemalan Gallo and they said they were out. You're out of friggin' Guatemalan beer at a Guatemalan restaurant? Go get some more. This is the sort of behavior that transpires when you realize you are the only Guatemalan restaurant in town. Sad!

Churrasco Chapin
Grilled steak marinated to perfection, served with green onions, rice, refried black beans and Freshly made in-house Guatemalan Sausage. Includes house salad, fresh avocado and Chirmol (house tomato sauce). 

When they asked which dessert we wanted I just yelled ALL OF THEM. We got the 

3 Rellenitos de Plátano de frijol

Three plantains stuffed with sweet black beans.

and the

Torreja o Mollete
Stuff it with manjar (custard); then wrap the whole thing with beaten eggs; fry it, and finally let it boil in a sweet sauce made from sugar.

Next door to the restaurant was an Afghani grocery store. I bought a couple interesting looking baked goods. One was this "Goshe Feal" which awesomely literally mean "elephant ear". It was a big crispy fried dough with some pistachio involved. Not too bad.

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