Saturday, July 15, 2023

Ernie is Now a Fly Boy

Today was momentous milestone for Ernie John: first flight!

It's funny I've checked in to so many flights that I can pretty much do it with my eyes closed, but Big Ern requires a lot more gear than I'm accustomed to have to drag around, so we had to press some different buttons this time. I'm happy to get the bugs out of our travel routine when on a fairly low stakes trip like this so that we'll all be masters by the time Ern decides he wants to leave the country.

Ernie was wondering if he is the 1% when we took him to his first airport lounge.

People were probably worried about sitting next to a baby on the plane but they didn't realize they were sitting next to the best baby in the world.

Linda and Doug live right next to St. Louis' airport so they were a logical first stop on our tour. Ern took a liking to Doug.

I think he was getting fussy so I gave everyone a "how to hold an Ern" tutorial.

Nailed it.

Ernie was excited to see his Springfield grandparents as well. An unexpectedly fun part of having a baby is how much joy he brings to my family, and really strangers as well. Everyone is always smiling at him and trying to get him to laugh.

I didn't realize how bad things had gotten in Springfield since I last visited. They seem to have resorted to using pickles as currency.

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