Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Springfield Quality Time

Aunty Rita came by the house so we got to spend some more time with her before leaving Springfield.

Lydia and I had some back and forth over this giant cradle. Uncle Greg does carpentry as a hobby and made me this solid oak cradle when I was born. My mom has been holding onto it ever since (though I want to say it got loaned out once or twice for baby cousins to use). Now that we live in Seattle transporting this tank was prohibitive so Ernie didn't end up using it, which is sad. 

I like that it has a roof in case we wanted to leave Ernie outside for a while. Surely this thing is bullet proof.

My mom also had a bunch of baby stuff that she wanted us to take. A few things made the cut and others did not. Being baby toys I don't remember playing with any of them so I don't have any sort of emotional attachment to any of it.

They went and brought us take-out Cozy Dog which was very nice.

One of my treasured artifacts from when we won tickets to the World Cup finals in 1994. A good demonstration of how young and confused I was: the match was between Italy and Brazil and I was rooting for Brazil. This was entirely based on the fact that Brazil has a way cooler flag than Italy. I asked my mom to buy me a Brazil t-shirt to wear and she didn't want to, but she made a bet that she would buy me the shirt of whoever won. Brazil won in a shootout so I got my shirt.

I talked to my mom about this recently and she said that Whitney Houston was the pregame show. Not too shabby. I didn't remember that detail.

We made it to the Airbnb in Clayton, MO in time for the man to get swaddled and go to sleepy time.

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