Monday, July 03, 2023

Sad Nerd Washington

Nothing groundbreaking happened today. We are taking it easy after our very first road trip this weekend was completed successfully.

Ernie really likes getting his diaper changed, not because he enjoys that process necessarily but because that's where his mobile is. He loves that thing to the point that if he's in a real bad mood we'll just change his diaper and he'll forget whatever it was that he was mad about.

The bottom is black and white spirals and then there's a colorful side for when his eyes start picking up more color.

Lydia takes him out for blissful laying around in the yard while I am indoors saving the world one data at a time.

One of Washington's trash alcohol laws, and there seems to be many, is that retailers can't sell alcohol for a loss. So when they have some crap that won't sell, they can't really discount it much in order to get rid of it. It results in the lamest sales you can imagine. Those red signs say "priced one penny above cost!!"

You know who isn't a sad nerd who never got invited to parties that grew up to be a Washington lawmaker? This beetle guy. He's cool.

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