Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Ern's First Cardinals Game

Ernie doesn't know it yet but he's about to become the cutest Cardinals fan.

Big Ern had his first big bath away from home at his Clayton, MO Airbnb.

There were some helpful reminders of the horrible people I left behind when I moved to Seattle.

Everybody got all suited up for today's game.

The mothership was just as I had remembered it.

We did Redbird Club tickets this time. Ernie hasn't really seen how normal people watch baseball. Let's pray he never has to.

I like all the old-timey baseball cards on the wall here.

I never really considered how few babies there are at baseball games. I suppose many people don't have babies as cool as Ernesto. Sad. He was very popular.

He got passed around a lot.

When I'm in town this is the A-B product I reach for.

I mean, it's brewed especially for the Lou.

The good guys won da game.

August A. Busch Jr., this is my boy.

The after party was held at CJ Muggs.

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